Hosting for Magento 2

Magento requires good and stable hosting for stable operation.

For stable operation, you need both a good processor and a lot of RAM.

Magento can work on “simple hosting”, but if visitors (store clients) begin to visit the site more and more often, Magento begins to work slower and slower.
In addition, “just hosting” sometimes has strange limitations – for example, the number of queries to the MySQL database.
It would seem that for Magento you need a separate server – a super powerful cluster with hundreds of processors 😩

Not quite so – there is also “just hosting”, which allows Magento to work stably.

If the online store has more than 1000 products and orders more than 1000, it’s time to switch from “simple hosting”.

There are several options

  • Dedicated Server
  • Virtual Server (VPS)
  • virtual server in the cloud

A dedicated server is an ordinary computer with enormous resources, which allows you to implement almost all the requirements for the normal operation of an online store. But server administration will be required, and no restrictions.

A virtual server is a virtual server with “virtual hardware”.
It looks like a large server is divided into several small “virtual” servers.
You can install any software, Linux/Windows and additional databases, or other software (such as Redis).
But there are also disadvantages – if the site exceeds the virtual server standards, its use may be limited.
There are also advantages – some hosting companies help administer the hosting, which is good for a user who is not familiar with the basics of how web servers work.

Virtual server in the cloud (cloud) for Magento – something like Virtual servers, but more stable in operation, such a service is provided mainly by large hosting companies. Advantage price. But you need to administer the server yourself. Work stability.

For a website on CMS Magento, a Virtual Server in the cloud is most likely suitable.

Which to choose?

There are many offers, different prices and characteristics. You can pay attention to Amazon or Digital Ocean.

Amazon offers a lot of hosting settings, a lot even. Most likely, if you have a very large project and many features, it will do, but the cost of hosting from Amazon is high.

Digital Ocean – very simple settings. You can create a server with a domain in a few minutes. There are optimized OS versions for Magento that work great.

Digital Ocean, large and massive hosting. Problems are resolved quickly and it works stably. The only peculiarity is that there is no phone support :(, but if it works stably, then support is rarely required 🙂

Well, the price and quality match!

When choosing a Virtual Server, you must keep in mind that you will need to administer the server yourself.

Of course, most likely there are companies (freelancers) that administer servers.
And as practice shows, a well-configured server does not require attention and support 🙂

Well, the stability of the site and online store 😉